Welcome to Franklin Township

13200 Fairview Rd
Newark, OH 43056

The Board of Trustees of Franklin Township, under the authority of Section 547.11 of the Ohio Revised Code, have adopted and shall enforce the rules and regulations included on this page and recorded in the Township meeting notes on July 3, 2006. These rules are equally applicable to registered owners and visitors to the cemetery.

Decoration Policies:

  1. The cemeteries encourage the use of floral tributes on the graves of loved ones; however, the beauty and continuity of the cemeteries depend on the cooperative efforts of all families who have love ones in the cemeteries care. Please don’t throw old decorations over fence, there is a trash can located by the front gate.
  2. Franklin Township will undertake to maintain, as may be practical to preserve and maintain landscape features. No shrubbery or trees are allowed on gravesites.
  3. Fresh cut flowers and plantings when set in the permanent containers on the foundations will be permitted at all times. Flowers/plantings will be removed when they become unsightly.
  4. For the safety of our personnel and those visiting the cemetery, glass containers of any type are not permitted. The permanent placing of toys, boxes, ornaments, and similar articles may ONLY be located on the foundation of the monument. Such items must be permanently attached to the foundation or placed in a permanent container on the foundation. Franklin Township is not responsible for these items. If items are placed in areas other than described above, the Township reserves the right to remove the items.
  5. Artificial wreaths and evergreen blankets are permitted November 1st through the spring clean day up in March of each calendar year. All flowers/ ornaments most be removed by April 1st.  Anything left will be removed and discarded on April 2nd.

Monument / Marker Policies:

  1. Persons erecting monuments must not leave the materials on the grounds longer than necessary. Surplus materials and rubbish must be removed at once.
  2. All memorial work contractual agreements are strictly between the memorial company and the individual(s) owning the burial lot. Franklin Township will not be involved in these arrangements.
  3. Franklin Township personnel will not help unload or place any monuments or markers. All foundations for monuments and headstones shall be well laid. When the foundation is the support of a large and heavier than normal monument, the foundation shall be appropriately enlarged in depth and width.
  4. Damage to the surrounding turf caused by the placement of foundation or monument when the ground is soft will be the responsibility of the memorial company to repair.
  5. No Stone is to be placed other than in the usual direction.
  6. Military markers are required to have a foundation.
  7. Striving for surroundings of peace and beauty prohibits advertising of any description within the cemetery. However, a small emblem or insignia inconspicuously located on the memorial will be permitted. If any monument or structure whatever, or any inscription thereon, shall be determined by the Board of Trustees to be offensive, the Trustees shall have the right and duty to cause such offensive or improper object removed.
  8. Franklin Township shall not be held responsible for any monument, headstone, or other device that may be broken, defaced, or destroyed.
  9. Single graves may erect either a flush or upright memorial constructed of granite, marble, or bronze.
  10. Double graves may erect either a flush or upright memorial constructed of granite, marble, or bronze.

General Rules:

  1. Please, do not park off paved roadway. No recreational vehicles allowed on premises. Lots in the cemetery are conveyed for burial purposes only, subject to such rules and regulations as are now or hereafter put in force by the Trustees.
  2. No Burials will be permitted in the cemetery without a permit from the proper authorities. Burial orders must be signed by persons ordering burials before graves are opened.
  3. Cement or steel vaults must be used with all burials.
  4. No person or persons not employed by the Board of Trustees shall excavate any earth, lay or remove sod, alter the grade of any lot within the cemetery either on or about their own lot or the lots of others.
  5. No trees or shrubs of any kind may be planted on any of the property herein granted, except by written consent of the Trustees, which consent is hereby reserved.
  6. Graves opened or burials made are by prearrangement only.
  7. The Franklin Township Trustees reserve the right to ask all persons coming into the cemetery to present proper identification. The Trustees may refuse admission to anyone not a registered owner or relative of a person in the cemetery.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Cemetery hours are dawn to dusk. Any person found on the grounds at other times will be considered a trespasser.
  2. The Trustees reserve the right to pass other rules and regulations, or amend these rules and regulations at any time.
  3. No loud or profane actions or language shall be allowed on the cemetery grounds.
  4. No persons with dogs running at large will be allowed, and excrement must be contained and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  5. Persons with firearms are forbidden to enter cemetery grounds except when participating in military funerals or memorial services.
  6. No Alcohol or drugs of any kind will be allowed on the cemetery grounds.
  7. No fast driving in the cemetery is allowed at any time. The speed limit is 5 MPH.
  8. Clean-up times for the cemetery will be the 4th week of March and the 1st. week of April each season, or as weather permits.
  9. Plantings of any type, if determined to be in a state of decay or to have grown out of scale to the surrounding gravesites may be removed at any time by the decision of the Trustees.
  10. Franklin Township will not be responsible for injury or accident occurring on Township cemetery grounds.


Franklin Township Trustees have sole responsibility for the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Cemetery lots are conveyed with a deed, as a property. Heirs of lots must provide full proof of ownership if requested. Widows dower rights will be respected. The Board of Trustees may change prices at any time without prior notification. There will be no burials on the observance of the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and the day after.

Photo courtesy of Robert M. Sizelove, Sr.